New therapy tool!! This one was a gift from my consultant (like a supervisor).  It’s a book of posters about trauma to use as visual aids in session.  I took a picture of one as an example next to my partner’s Kindle for scale.  

Also, I’m excited because this weekend I’m going to The Evidence-based Diagnosis, Ethical issues and Treatment of Clients with Complex Dissociative Disorders by Bethany Brand, PhD.  She’ll discuss the latest research on diagnosis and treatment of dissociative disorders, both of which are very challenging.

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    OMG! 1. I want this psychoeducation tool!. 2. Bethany Brand was my clinical professor in undergrad! She is amazing!
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    OMG I want!! This is fascinating…..(actually, once I’m done with this semester I should get my hands on that book….very...
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    Where did you get these??
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